Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainbows, promises, chicks and Glorifying Him

A random tidbit of fun fact is that yesterday, as I walked out of School of Promise library, I heard some chirping.  This isn't necessarily uncommon, considering the abundance of chickens that roam around houses, waiting to be someone's meal, but I turned towards the noise anyway.  There walked  6 little chicks. Chicks are cute in an ordinary fashion, but these were no ordinary chicks - these were rainbow chicks.  Each chick was colored a different color, one red, one orange, one yellow (I think this was died because it was so bright), a green, purple and pink.  It didn't look bad, it actually must have been very well done because it almost looked natural; with little white feathers peaking through the color.  Shocked I was, and completely in aw ... I remembered raising chicks with the family when I was younger - having the incubator and watching them hatch, and then, when they got too big, giving them to a farm... at least I think that is what happened!  So that was an adventure.   It was sorta cool, because they matched the school... being that the School of promise symbol involves a rainbow for the Promises of God.  Yes, a good reminder that God gives us promises.  Anyway, that isn't the purpose for this blog. This is: 

I was working on another blog post for School of Promise, when the song As Long as You are Glorified came on. We have sung this in my church a few times - each time I have been struck by it as I consider the will of my God in my life.  Click the title for a link to a YouTube (that has lyrics in both the video and the description) so you can both hear it, and read all the lyrics, but I wanted to highlight some of the lyrics with what has been on my heart. Still, I seriously encourage you to reflect on all the lyrics, because they are beautiful. 

"Shall I take from Your hand Your blessings, yet not welcome any pain? "
This one is powerful for I've been reading through 1 and 2 Thessalonians AND have been listening to a series by John Piper called "Treasuring Christ and the Call to Suffer," and thus it has been on my heart that we must be content, even in suffering, and rejoice in the Lord all the more. 

"Oh let Your will be done in me, ... 
Oh I long for nothing else as long as You are glorified"
So, basically the whole chorus... when I consider my greatest desires, it always comes back to living a life worthy of the high calling of our God, living a life according to His will, and honoring Him in all that I do.  Can we honestly say, "I long for nothing else..." even in the times when we are in pain? I say it now, so resolutly, but I continually pray that this is a conviction in all things - that I can live as Paul lived, rejoicing in his suffering.

"So quiet my restless heart..."
Self explanatory?  Maybe not, but it is something I need work on, that my heart be still; trusting that God is in control.  Lord, may You quiet my heart, that often falls into the temptation of worry for what lays ahead. May I forever trust in You, and know your will for me is perfect. Amen

So, as I consider the will of God in my life, I consider the promises He has given, and know these fit hand in hand.  He will never forsake His chosen, for He loves us and has a perfect plan designed. 

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