Monday, September 3, 2012

This Day, Dig Down Deep.

Joshua Harris has written a book, well actually a few books (notably I Kissed Dating Goodbye), but I want to focus on Dug Down Deep, a book that my church will be going through together this semester. I've started reading.  I'm hooked.

I wanted to mention a couple quotes that stood out to me as I was reading the first two chapters:

"... orthodoxy isn't just for old men but is for anyone who longs to behold a God who is bigger and more real and glorious than the human mind can imagine." (page 16)

"My soul had been craving good, solid, undiluted truth about God and the good news of his Son's life, death, and resurrection. I didn't need to be entertained ... I needed to know God." (page 26)

I remember the feeling of coming to my present church, and feeling as the second quote described, I had been craving real food, and finally I got this wonderful taste of it - and didn't want to leave it, because I wanted, or rather needed to know God.

This was reiterated for me in this past summer, and I realized how little my berth of knowledge of Him is, and how much I want to know Him ... only to come home and feel like I was a million miles away from what I wanted to be doing, seeking Him.

These weeks back haven't been a great time of application, but rather a relaxation, where I seemed to let everything slip away. But praise God for His constant pull in my life.  Between yesterday's sermon, the reading of these chapters, and a John Piper Sermon I've been listening to, the Lord has given me a wake-up call, and I'm ready to start diving in deep - digging deep, that I may set my roots firm in the knowledge of Him to saved me.

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