Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainy day Prayers

It's raining.

I love the sound of rain.  When it rains at home I'll frequently lie down in my parents room, loving the sound of the rain against the awning right outside their window. Right now I feel the same.  It rains at least once a day here, so its not as if it is a new concept.  But right now, with a silent house, knowing I'll be moving in a couple days, and with prayer on the mind, this rain brings me back to the moments when I'm lying on my parents bed - waiting in silence and many times, Praising God.
I've listened to about half of Pastor Ed's sermon from June 24 "Livin' on a Prayer," where you're honestly going to havta have a listen if you want the full effect of it on 1 Kings 18.  Right now the reference to James 5:17-18 rings in my ears - prayer for no rain, and then, prayer for rain. It isn't that I want the rain outside to stop, I absolutely love it, but the rain is what brings me to the thought of the prayer.


It has been on my mind a lot quite recently, and this morning the Lord was revealing fresh truths about it while I was looking through Joshua 10.  In Joshua 9, Israel had made a deal with a neighboring  people group without seeking counsel of the Lord, and in chapter 10, they need to go help them because of it.  This time, Joshua does seek counsel, because we see the Lord's response in verse 8.  More that the rest of the story, it was this that struck out at me most.   Joshua had learned that He needed to seek the Lord's counsel - and the Lord heard the prayers.  Do I always seek His counsel? Do I even go to Him in prayer enough? These have been on my heart with a realization that I really don't, that especially where I am right now, it is He of whom I should always go. Maybe rainy days should serve to remind me that I need to be praying - communing with God, and beseeching Him in regard to the Lost Souls that surround me on a daily basis; both here ant at home.

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