Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Revelations in Connie's Home

Connie's Home on Tuesdays - that became part of the plan of me being here.  A way to get more mission experience, and an outlet to get my passport. So yesterday was a Tuesday and thus naturally I was at Connie's home.  

Working at Connie's Home is a huge blessing as it has been revealing a little of the Lord's plan in my life.  For one thing, I'm really not a baby/toddler person! Haha, it feels weird to say that, but I'm discovering how true that is - I much more enjoy having full conversations, having people listen and understand, and not always having to deal with the personalities that toddlers bring.  I write this as a reminder to myself that I am by no means perfect, and while I can adapt to temporary situations, I definitely don't think I could do certain things for prolonged periods of time - as in, volunteer at Connie's Home indefinitely - and that is something I need to pray about, but it has revealed to me things I do enjoy.  

 While young children may not be my forte (in contrast to my mother who is an awesome kindergarden/1st grade teacher, and somehow those little kids come out learning things from her), I do have a passion for teaching high school (Praise to my Father who has me in a program where I learn to teacher high school) and young adults - specifically females.  Therefore, I'm realizing that I have a huge heart for woman's ministry.  Some of my most memorable moments have been in ministry with other girls - talking about our God, and teaching lessons.

Part of Connie's Home - while being a foster care facility, also allows girls to come out of prison and stay as helpers as part of their rehabilitation.  It is really a great idea, and a wonderful way to present the gospel by building up these relationships.  Connie also seeks to teach them English - being that it will be easier for them to communicate with the volunteers, and the children who are learning English.  So yesterday, I got to help two girls as they were learning English (the kiddies had nap time) and it was really awesome.  They taught me some Thai words, and I felt like I was developing a better relationship with them.  I'm really excited to see how Allison develops with these young ladies too, since she'll be there 24/7 (who by the way, made it safely, thank you for praying).

So anyway, I really enjoy working at Connie's home.  The children are adorable, and I really don't mind one day working with them - I just keep praying for strength, and the rewards of blessing far outweigh my selfishness.  Praise God who breaks down our walls.

I went for a walk to a restaurant for lunch, and passed this man, in a field. I guess it is easy to forget that this isn't really something that I see everyday in NY, because it is something that I see everyday here! I thought it may be cool for everyone else to see, and consider what this man's life is like.  

The walk was really nice, and I memorized one more verse from Philippians... (one more - so progress is a little bit slower than I anticipated, but it is still a great encouragement).

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