Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random tidbits of information from today

Today in church, the speaker taught on Luke 15- The prodigal son, and with the Thessalonians fresh in my mind I kept relating it to how Paul was reminding the believers that they were called to live holy lives; warning the believers that they were not called for uncleanness.  Can believers acting in uncleanness be compared to the prodigal son? I think so - and that is what really got me thinking.
Although the sermon wasn't super organized (I am spoiled with NSBC teaching), there were some great points that really got me thinking - and in which the Lord really encouraged me in certain points.

There isn't much I can say further right now, with my thoughts still jumbled, but whenever I start to ponder my purpose here, the Lord reveals new lessons - I am so blessed.

Further, today I met Koon At, a friend of a friend of my dad :) and she was a lovely Thai lady, dedicated to making me feel welcome and happy.  I got to walk around the mall with her, which felt exceedingly normal and relaxed, and then took a Songtao/walked home.  There is something about taking the songtao that makes me feel more part of Thailand life.  Then walking doesn't really, considering almost no one walks around, but it was still nice to pass by stores, and see life happening around me.  I stopped at a nice coffee shop and got an iced green tea, in which they put condensed milk (like they put in a whole lotta things here...) and it is delicious! Then, because the walk was sorta long, I took some time to pray.  Oh what a joy it is to plead before the Lord in prayer, especially as I walk past people lost in idolatry!

Anyway - tomorrow begins my third week working, which at first seems like "woah, that was quick" but then I'm like, oh that is only like 3/10ths of my time here... not even half. I'm not sure how I feel about this quite yet - I really trying to put aside my thoughts and think about the Lord only, and for that, I know this is a great thing.

I'll bring more updates as they come. 

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