Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pleasant day Pictures for the Visual

Okay! So today was a busy day, and as per request I wanted to add some pictures.  We went to a quaint little restaurant called "We love The Beatles,"whose owner is a Thai who loves Rock and does concerts playing Beatles songs... so the whole place is decked out in Beatles/60's Rock paraphernalia... with Thailand style - outdoors with a covering & of course Thai food :) great stuff.
Anyway, then we went to Mae Sa Water Fall which was really beautiful, and finally the Queen's Garden.  Here are some pictures, so enjoy :)

Sitting at We Love the Beatles
Starting out at the falls ... many bridges

I had the "Vivid" function on for the camera ...
Not my best look, but the view is outstanding :)
Mae Sa Water Fall
Sign, with a gorgeous view in back!

At the Queens gardens, when we got out, we had to step through this beautiful canopy as shown below.  Apparently, we came at a bad time being that I was told there are usually much more flowers, in fact an entire area filled with huge roses, but we didn't really see that today, which is fine by me, I don't know what I'm missing, and I still thought it was beautiful. 

Orchids - apparently this is another one of the 
exhibits that has many more at every other time... 

There must have been at least 12 green houses with all different climate conditions, all different plant life taken from designated areas... like Rainforest, or arid - super cool to see these.  The two photos above this one were from the aquatic life house - water lilies. 

Basically, it was amazing to be out in God's creation all day.  School of Promise Students are learning about the creation story, and its totally cool to have such beautiful examples around here! 

Until Next time! 

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