Thursday, June 21, 2012

Worship the Creator - not creation

I don't know if you can see it quite well in the picture to the left, but there in center right is a little prayer house.  This is what each morning most Thai people go to pay respects to their gods at.
This past Saturday I had been in a building and heard a song, mostly in Thai, but there were some English parts, and it was giving praises to a god.  Naturally, hoping the people working were Christian, I asked what type of music it was, "Buddha Music" was the reply.  Suddenly, these little prayer towers seemed so much more heart retching to me - giving praise to these things that are inanimate, not living?

Oh Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!

There are many traditions in this culture that seem to scream for the need of a Savior.

One of the teachers and the bouquet
collection given by all the students! 

Today was "Teacher Appreciation Day," or at least that is what I'll call it.  This is a required tradition in Thai Schools.  For the past week the students have been preparing little flower arrangements to give to the teachers today.
The ceremony goes as follows, where the students need to crawl to the teachers to express gratitude, and present their flowers.  There were some parts that really shocked me, but which are part of culture I suppose.  Still, because this is a Christian school, as the students took turns coming to us "teachers" (yes even me, despite the fact I'm not quite a teacher), we had the opportunity to pray for them.  I'm sure that they students barely understood what I was saying, but it was a sweet blessing to pray for these children.  1/3 of the students aren't saved and oh how powerful it was to pray from my spirit on behalf of these.  Oh that the Father would raise this generation to be a light to this country, where literal idols are worshiped - instead may they worship God!

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