Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elephants and being lead

Driving back to the house today, I was acutely aware of the mountains in the distance.  It is easy to get so caught up in the routine of life here, in the ins and outs, and begin to not see things as that aw-struck view from day one, but instead see it all as ordinary.  As I stared out the window of the car, I realized once again how beautiful those mountains are. The humidity haze creating a beautiful blue effect, despite the lush green reality - different shades of blue decorate each ridge as they expand into the distance.   A beautiful display of creation, as a perfect ending of spending the day with elephants!

Yes, I did say elephants.  It was something that needed to be done before I left Thailand - visit the elephant camp.  It was awesome, firstly because I saw Allison (and Anna), secondly because I saw elephants, and rode an elephant, and got an elephant kiss.  Still, despite my awesome day of elephants, there is so much more to say.

In routine, has come the thoughts of what the Lord is leading me to.  Can I remember two years back, when I knew I needed to be in Thailand? Or one year back, when things started falling into place and the comment of, "I'm not sure if I need to be there long term or what, but I know at least for the summer..." was thrown around. First by me, and then Rebecca, and now here I am. In Thailand.  I woke up yesterday morning, still in that groggy, half sleeping state, and didn't know where I was.  It wasn't panic, it was more of a comfort that resounded to make me question if I was at home. I actually thought of Keswick for a moment too, and then realized that I was in Thailand, and the thought flashed through my head of, wow, thats sorta awesome.  Sorta awesome that all the Lord revealed to me has come to pass.  Now, I consider what has the purpose been?

Why did I need to be in Thailand this summer? From what I've seen thus far, it goes back to learning.  I've learnt so much about what ministry can look like, because it honestly looks different in different cases.  I've witnessed the active humility that comes from some people who have been ministering for years and years - not with an effort to be humble, but instead, it just seeps out in everything they do.  I've experienced the motivation that comes from seeing people passionate about seeing others come to saving faith, passionate to the point of complete surrender. And I've been blessed by the two families I've stayed with, learning different things from both. I would need to go into details for each situation in which I'm learning, but I feel the above synopsis provides enough. I've learned a lot but I still have many questions.

When the elephants painted their pictures, it was really their masters guiding them - an extra hand, an extra tool, in making artwork.  Meanwhile, the elephants probably had no idea what they were doing, they just reveled in the rewards from their masters, and the applause the crowd gave.  I really must let my God be the guide and not worry about what will be happening in the future.

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