Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random thoughts associated with random pictures

Enjoy some Randomness ~ insight to what I see daily 

Going to school one day, Sarah and I were shocked to find a scorpion right by the car. "Oh look its a dead scorpion," I first exclaimed, thinking how I was really glad it was dead as I walked past so I could open the gate.  "Umm... it's not dead," I hear, and turn around to see Sarah staring wide eyed as the scorpion tried unsuccessfully to flip itself over (it was on its back ... and dying slowly).  We had a short time of freak out, and Sarah threw her flip-flop, pinning one of the "pinchers" to the ground... so the tail moved in a really creepy way.  It was gone when we got home.  FUNNNN

On Fourth of July I went bike riding to a little market

And this is what I ate.... mixed veggies and rice, because I can sorta say it in Thai ... kinda
Three of the teachers from School of Promise, and a helper who is super sweet, but she isn't Thai, so she speaks neither Thai nor English and I never know what to say - but we always smile at one another. 

Before going into many buildings, you leave your shoes outside, therefore I am barefoot a lot ... I'm not sure if it is more or less sanitary than having your shoes on inside, and I'm further not sure if I would want to carry this tradition home

At Connie's home it was the birthday of  one of the girls who help (Connie has a dual purpose in the home) ....

These are some of the kiddies looking into the dining area - I thought it was so cute!

Arial view of part of the yard at Connie's Home, well the view from the top floor where I was organizing bins of children's clothing. Infant to 6 years old, summer and winter, boys and girls ... lots of clothes to go through!

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