Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Short Post Today

A random Songtao
"Your nose is beautiful" this is what my songtao (see picture to the right, basically a pick up truck, with benches screwed into the back, and a covering on top - a cool lookin taxi) driver said to me as he drove me to Connie's Home last week.  Then driving me home today he said the same.
Saying that to someone who has always thought their nose too big actually was nice, and I was totally confused until I asked Connie about it.  Thai people, generally don't have a nose bridge so seeing mine is kinda like a novelty... thats the idea I guess, but it was nice all the same.

Anna, Rachel, Allison (Left to Right)
Connie's home today was wonderful because I saw Allison! For lunch Allison, Anna (another girl who is volunteering there of whom I may have previously mentioned) and I have went to the noodle place that I've went to for the last three weeks working at Connie's home.  It was absolutely delightful. I added spices to my noodles this time, something I've previously been terrified to do, and it wasn't too hot for me! This means I am developing a Thai taste, or maybe I didn't really put as much as I thought ... 

 The End.  

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