Friday, July 6, 2012

Picture update

Sarah made homemade Pita chips and dip (in the little green bowl) which is totally awesome and I'm chowing down on them right now - YUMMY!

I'm realizing that it's sorta bad that I really can't cook... well I just haven't had much experience in cooking, so I told her that I may hover a lot while she does, and then when I get home, (mom are you reading this? ... you'll be so proud) I wanna start cooking at least once a week.  Maybe I can try making my own pita chips too!


In other news, today was a lovely Friday, and tomorrow we will (hopefully) be going to the Elephant camp - maybe with Allison! I took many photos at school today and figured I'd share them with you all, so enjoy!

This actually wasn't from today but from the week of teacher appreciation day -
all the students made flower arrangements ... it's part of Thai culture!
(Her outfit was because it was "scout" day... this is every Wednesday and they dress like that) 

What a sweetheart, that is all I gotta say about her.
Fridays are when the students must wear traditional outfits - adorable all around.  

She is somewhat new to the school, and speaks minimal English. She is in my swim class, and it can get frustrating because it feels like she isn't listening, while in reality, she has no clue what I'm saying until the other students explain.  Today she was very excited to see me - it sorta made my day, and her English acquisition is growing - she has a lotta spunk too! 

Sometimes a really funny kid, and yes, he posed like this for me

I hope those were enjoyable! 

Rebecca's "care package" that she sent me to Thailand with involves an envelope with slips of paper carrying verses, and how they encourage me.  Today I was brought to James 1:5-8 which is so fitting, for I've been asking for boldness and trust in my God.  So often I want to think that He will not give this, or is holding back - how dare I assume the One who sent His Son to redeem and promises that He answers prayers would hold back from the wisdom of knowing Him! These verses remind me of this, for may I not be unstable in my ways but have faith that the Lord gives abundantly for those who ask of Him in righteousness.

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  1. Yum, those pita chips look good! Make sure you share the recipe! I'm sure your mom probably teared up when she read that you want to cook at least once a week (I thought you already cooked every Friday?!). The kids are gorgeous. I pray the Lord uses you to impact their lives greatly and show them the love of Christ! Love you girl!