Monday, August 6, 2012

Pai in Love

I was in Pai for the weekend so I suppose I should write about that.  It was a vacation of sorts, for I was invited by Joel and Marvel Vander Kooi, the Director of the School of Promise, and his wife.  With their two children, and bags packed we headed off into the mountains, listening to Narnia on audio CDs.  Upon getting there, we unloaded the car, saw the incredible view from the resort, and then headed into the city for the Walking Street.  It really is quite an artsy little town. Friday we went on a hike in a small canyon, but it was kinda perilous, thus very fun, and then Pai walking street at night.  Saturday we went to a Chinese village (people from China have settled in the mountains, and opened a little touristy area), and then Pai walking street at night.  Sunday we went to a Thai church, then a hot springs resort where the water, understandably, smelt a bit like sulfur, and then the trek back. The whole experience was quite fun ... quite interesting is the idea that this was their vacation, just as I go to Virginia or Pennsylvania for vacation back home. Anyway, I hope you enjoy some pictures and comments ... I haven't much profound things to say at the moment.

(hint: If you click on the first photo, a little slide show will open to make viewing the photos easier...) 
Movie "Pai in Love" a few years ago made Pai touristy, and full of  hearts 

A bridge to walk across

7-Elevens all over Thailand ... even in Pai

Seriously, beautiful picture... Resort pool, where we stayed in back

The Hot Spring area... after it started raining :)

Love butterflies

beautiful mountains ... I'm trying not to dwell on the weight I've gained 

perilous climbing

Postcard perfect? 

Chinese Village 

Many cats on this trip - they like me, and I like them :D 

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