Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today. Today was my last day volunteering at Connie's Home.  Today I met Joyce (a sweet woman who spends her year at Connie's Home, but she was gone for the summer).  Today marks my "one week left" stretch.  Today is the day that I find out may people have received my post cards.  It seems as if today has held a lot, yet for most of the day I've felt speechless - not knowing how to handle much of anything.

I should probably share what has been on my heart.  The past week has been overwhelming at times as I've considered sins that I've been caught up in, and have convinced myself that it is okay to go back and keep doing them, for I'm forgiven. Yes, we are saved by grace, but everywhere in the bible is layered with ideas that say also that we must work to rid ourselves of sin.  Pursue Holiness, rid yourselves of uncleanliness, work out your salvation, carry your cross ... anyway, to make something that has been a bit of a long struggle into a light blog topic, all I need to say is praise God for revealing the sin inside me and providing strength anew to fight back.  "Make War" John Piper says, and yes - that is what I need to do daily.                                   Today.

I suppose that soon a blog will due about my thoughts, and what I've learned from being here in Thailand, on a "mission trip" but that is not for today.  Today I rest, contemplate, and think ... well tonight being that it is quite late already.

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