Monday, June 3, 2013

Daily Thankfulness

 Recently a friend posted how she was going to be saying thanks for 10 things everyday for 100 days.  I think I need to do something like that but instead I'm going to do 5 things for 50 days.

And so starts DAY 1 of being thankful.

1.1: The bible, today Hebrews 12 specifically, reminding me to throw off the sin that entangles me.

1.2: John Piper's "When I don't Desire God; How to Fight for Joy" because I remember that it is a fight,
and He should be my greatest desire, no matter the cost.

1.3: My running shoes, and the ability to Run - not only as an exercise but also as a means to clear my head.

1.4: My sister for the wisdom she imparts and because she goes running with me. 

1.5: Grass - a simple creation of God that makes suburbia that much prettier, that makes me want to lie down in it

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