Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Mission Field Now

I don't remember how old I was when I first wanted to be a missionary; I don't remember where I was either, but I do remember telling my father. As expected, he wasnt thrilled to hear his teenage, "baby-girl" tell him that risking her life was a worthwhile enddevor, but somehow it sparked a fire. That fire, now that my "grown-up" life has kick-started, has thawed his heart to the idea of a life completely sacrificed for the Lord.

Now, as i consider the lessons from CROSS CON and this Cru Preview Weekend I'm returning from, I'm excited for the plans God has laid out for me - plans for His Glory and My good. As I sat after the last session today I was even able to reflect on what my 3 year, mission plan may look like - off serving by 2017! How exciting that is; to serve the Lord for the express purpose of furthering His kingdom, especially with the blessing of my parents.

It's easy to look at the past and reflect on where I'll be in the future, but I've been realizing that I'm neglecting the current situation that God has put me in.

Each and every Christian is called to work for God's glory, through each and every enddevor, of each and everyday. How can I display a missional mindset in the life situation of where I am now? And closely related, but slightly more pressing for me, is how can I have and display a heart of evangelism for the Lost?

I was just reading once more from James 3:13-17, and overwhelmed with conviction. My plans for today or tomorrow, or three years from now, can be gone for life is short and temporary, and so I must ask, how am I working for the Kingdom in this moment? Well I know I ought to be proclaiming the Truth to all I encounter, but I'm not, and in this I sin. Thus, as I reflect on God's guidance this weekend, through the messages, the people and prayer, that which is most striking is my immediate need to be an evangalist. Not the street speaker, judgement dealer, or apologetics greeter type, but the disciple maker type, that I may be a model of Christ my Lord.

This is my mission field right now, and I'm asking for support through prayer as I pursue it daily, for I'm a wreched sinner in my neglect of this, and nose-dive failure when I try it on my own. Thus, please keep me in prayer in the pursuit of giving my all to Christ through evangalism, as I prepare to do the same oversees, and anywhere else the Lord may lead.

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