Sunday, November 30, 2014

Singing Praises

I remember pressing the snooze for 5 more minutes. Some time later I do that lazy stretch, catching the crick in my back and wonder at how it's amazing that my 5 minutes haven't ended yet. I check my phone to count the remaining seconds and quickly realize, its way past my 5 minutes. 

Mad rush. 

I quickly scramble out of bed, throw on the outfit I had only half planed out, brush my teeth with great speed, grab my bible, journal and is there anything else? The sweet potato casserole for Dgroup! Okay, I'm ready. I think. 
Open the door, step outside. Oh. My dad's car blocks my exit. No problem, I'll just move it... never mind, he took his keys.

So, thats a quick saga of how I came to miss church today. Instead I had my own little service. Not as I would intend, being in the fellowship of believers, but still it was encouraging. 

First I listen to the message I missed from Pastor Ed a couple weeks ago, "Awl or Nothing at All". Definitely a good example of Gospel Centered Preaching, and a motivator to sing praises to God, and thus the true purpose behind this post.

After all that, I get to praise God by listening to, and singing along with, some of my most recent favorite praise songs, songs I'd love to share with you now:

The title really says it all, there is no need to fear the wrath of God because it was already paid for at the Cross of my Lord Jesus Christ, whom I love. The Chorus, "How Sweet the Sound of Saving Grace... Christ Died for Me," what wonder it is that Christ, the Son of God, laid down His life for me! Think of your great depravity, and Christ's great love to save you as you sing this and praise His Holy Name! 

I need a strong and perfect plea, for truly I am a wretched sinner, in need of a great Savior. Continually I feel tempted to despair, unworthy of the great Love that my God has shown me, but in His kindness He reminds me that my guilt is gone, I am free indeed. My life is Hid with Christ, I am His forever. Amen! 

I posted this song to Facebook about a week ago, and honestly just love some of these lyrics. At this moment the verse that speaks of singing despite the fact that temptations threaten me, for truly I know where my home is, with my Lord in heaven.   

It'll be there in heaven where I will not worry about a tired body, shady wake-up alarms, or blocked in cars, but rather will continually Sing the Praises of My God, My King, My Savior with the voices of all the Saints, in the ultimate fellowship of believers. Oooh the thought gets me giddy inside. 
"Come Lord Jesus!" 

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