Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My friend, the King

More than a Friend 
By: Jeremy Riddle

In the quiet of my soul 
In the stillness I hear Your voice call

And I am overwhelmed

And I am lost for words

To describe You

Jesus You're more than a friend

Jesus You're more than my heart could ever express

Your love and Your grace never fail me
Your merciful touch always heals me
You bring joy to my soul

My heart longs to worship You my King

And I long to bring You a pleasing offering

And I am overwhelmed
And I am lost for words
To describe You

Yesterday, after hiking through a small segment of the smokey mountains, Rebecca and I stopped on a small rock overpass as we waited for our parents to catch up.  Although this rock wasn't the top of the mountain, by any means, it was pretty high, and we climbed to the highest point of the rock only to look out across beautiful valleys - a beauty that overwhelmed you with the creation around you (as any hiker can account for).  Suddenly a breeze picked up, gently blowing with a silent strength, and I was immediately reminded of 1 Kings 19, where God speaks to Elijah in a whisper - reminding me that no matter what, the Lord is with me and He will lead me to where He wants me, this summer and forever more.  
Riddle's song, More than a friend just popped up on shuffle and I was brought back to that moment on the rock yesterday, with my arms out in praise to my King, for in the quiet and stillness I hear Him call, reminding me that His grace never fails, reminding me of His beauty and leaving me speechless in His presence. Take a moment to sing out in Praise to our God who is infinitely greater than we can understand.  

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