Sunday, June 3, 2012


Being that I'm getting ready to leave, I decided I'd add another post as an update and a summary of what the Lord has done so far.

"And can it be, that I should gain, and interest in the Savior's blood..." Wesley had the right idea as he penned those words so many years ago, for so often I stop and ponder the same, How can it be that He died for me? Only because it so pleased Him, and because of this I wish to live for Him.

It has been almost a year since the plans for this have been coming together, and what a whirlwind! Now I'm off to Thailand, without specific details of what I'll be doing, but preparing to do whatever the Lord has planned for me.

Furthermore, I praise Him for the reminder that He has made me clean; He has purified me.  I have no right to be telling others of His love on my own, for on my own I am wretched.  I've been having one of those weeks where my sin bears down on me, and my only thoughts lead me to ideas that I have no right to be sharing the gospel when I am in such dire need, but the Lord is good, and I have already been saved by grace. Therefore what He sees when He looks upon me is His precious Son. This all the more reason I wish to live for Him and proclaim His name to all who may hear.

Sometimes I fear that this summer will result in no growth, and it'll turn out to be a trip where I help out in a way that I could have at home. This leads to a worry of how it'll affect my walk with the Lord, and furthermore causes me to worry about what I'll say when people expect to hear about exciting things but I'll have nothing.  These thoughts are poison, for the Lord is always working, this I know, and with these thoughts I exhibit a lack of faith.
~Oh Lord, forgive this sinful heart of mine, and use me as you see fit to further Your glorious Kingdom - How I yearn to Honor you My God! Amen.

So to Chiangmai I go, serving with Chiangmai Christian Fellowship, helping with a school and orphanage, and anywhere else the Lord may lead me.  Maybe this is where I'll end up living, who knows but the Lord!  Whatever the case may be, He is bringing me there this summer, and I'm excited to see His plans.

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