Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flight to Aiu Dubai

1/3 of my flights done, but by no means does that represent the time spent flying - the worst is over, 12 hour flight done.  So now I sit, in the Aiu Dubai airport, waiting for my flight to Bangkok, and consider what has happened so far.
When I got to the gate at JFK, and waited for boarding, I took out two cards, from mom and Johnnie, and began to read. And subsequently began to cry. Crying about the time, two (and a half) months away, and the fact that I am loved.  Surrounding me were all natives of Aiu Dubai or India, causing me to think about how many probably didn't know Christ. One girl across from me got up to give me a napkin for my dripping nose and watery eyes. Surprise one.
The announcement came on, and everyone proceeded to board.  One woman sat in a wheel chair, and I thought how it would be nice to sit next to someone like that.  We boarded, and she wasn't sitting next to me, but rather some man, and I thought that it would be a long flight. Next thing I know some seat changing occurs, and that same woman in the wheelchair is sitting next to me! I find out she is pregnant, and she is traveling alone because her husband needs to stay back for two months - she begins to cry, she misses him.  So I'm sitting next to a friendly woman, who needs comfort.  Surprise two.
The woman tells me, in a thick accent, that she is thankful that I am next to her, as I seek to comfort her, and ease her fear as we take off.  I chastise myself thinking I could've presented the gospel, during that flight, but the most I did was read my bible and journal in front of her.  I pray the Lord will make me bold this summer!
Approximately 2 hours into the flight, a man two rows back gets sick, to a point where an announcement is made for doctors on the plane.  Surprise three. I knew there was a woman in the back of the plan that was a Christian, or at least had been wearing a cross and when she passed during boarding time, spoke "Christianize." I wanted to go back and pray with her for this man, but I held myself back, and instead prayed by myself.  How my fear cripples me - can I not be like the man who sold all he had for the field with the treasure?
From one plan ride, I am eagerly anticipating the work that the Lord will be doing in my life this summer - eagerly waiting to see how I will grow! 

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