Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Hours

Getting off the plane in Bangkok there were all these signs advertising the First Bank of Thailand, showing different scenes of "firsts" that exist in life, first car, first house, first steps etc.  And so I reminisce on my first hours of Thailand.

First city in Thailand: Bangkok.  First worry of Thailand: fact that I missed a flight.

I walk up to the kiosk to get my boarding pass so I can take my final, one hour flight to Chaing Mai, only to be told that I am too late for the time originally listed on my schedule of flights - I needed to wait to see if they could put me on the next available flight to Chaing Mai.

I wont belabor the point, but it was totally scary and I kept praying, seeking a way to trust that the Lord would lead me. I got on the next flight (2 hours after the original) and, despite my worries, my luggage made it too!

So now I'm in an air conditioned room in the School of Promise, waiting for a ride to see my host family.  So begins my first solo mission trip - and I want to have the attitude selling all for the most valuable treasure, Glorifying the Father.

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