Sunday, June 3, 2012

People are Blessings

I need to mention a girl who attended Cru with me, and came to the bible studies on Wednesday.  What a blessing to see how she has grown in the Lord since I've known her. Exponentially.  She constantly came up with new questions, and loved hearing more about the word.  Furthermore, she is presently seeking to read through the entire bible, and would always be telling me about the amazing things that would pop up as she read.  It is awesome to say the least. Yesterday she texted me with a long email, sharing how she had been blessed by me this semester, and was excited to hear about how the Lord would be working in Thailand.  She has been an unexpected blessing this past semester.

More than her, I have been exceedingly blessed by the church body (this including my current Church Network, along other Christians).  My friends, my leaders, and others who barely know me - many have come up to me with encouragement and prayer.  I cannot remember another time where I have felt to unworthy, yet the body is designed to love, as Christ first loved the Church, and thus I have also never felt so loved from people other than my parents.

There is no actual flow to this post, but it just puts out somethings that had been on my heart - a love of the community of believers and the blessings they provide.

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